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Infant program

From the cradle to college, learning starts at birth!

Your baby’s first experience outside your home should be just as it is inside your home: A loving, laugh-filled environment that provides your baby with the attention and stimulation he or she craves. It also should be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed leaving your baby.

Be assured that at Juniorversity, your baby’s day will be filled with fun-and lots of cuddles. We begin by assessing your baby’s unique needs. We’ll watch and see what your baby’s natural rhythms are for eating, sleeping and playing, so that they are similar to what he or she is used to at home. Then we’ll work within that schedule to ensure that your baby’s day is filled with fun, laughter, warmth and love.

Babies are born ready to learn, and when he or she is up and awake, we’ll provide an array of daily activities that will introduce new skills and stimulate their natural curiosity. Our nursery is filled with age-appropriate toys, games and music for your child to explore.

Our staff is constantly learning new techniques for challenging, entertaining and stimulating your baby. For example, we’ve recently added Baby Reading to our curriculum. Research has shown that babies can communicate before they speak, and Baby Reading enables them to better communicate their needs to you.

Best of all, you’ll also never wonder what your baby has been doing on any given day. At the end of each day we provide you with a progress report that details your schedule and also lets you know about any developmental changes or milestones that have been achieved.

Toddler program

They absorb knowledge so fast. Enroll your toddler now!

There’s a lot for toddlers to enjoy at Juniorversity. No longer babies, but not quite preschoolers, toddlers are developmentally ready for a more structured day. Our day is filled with numerous stimulating activities and group interaction. This enables your toddler to learn about his or her world and also about how he or she fits into it.

Our facility is specially designed to allow active toddlers to walk, talk, sing, dance, explore and fine-tune their developing motor skills in a safe and loving environment. Toddlers are learning factories. They are mastering language and large motor skills, such as walking-and running. And once they have those down, there’s no looking back!

Toddlers are focused on sensory experiences: What they can see, touch, taste, hear or smell. We encourage toddler development with a wide range of games, toys and stimulating experiences that will fascinate and encourage your toddler to learn more.

Additionally, this is the perfect time to begin developing your toddler’s social skills, and our caregivers provide group activities that encourage and nurture friendships.

A toddler’s day at Juniorversity is so much fun, they have no idea that they’re learning, too!

Preschool program

Nurture their development!

Preschool. It sounds so formal. But it isn’t. It’s just another way of saying “getting your child ready for the rigors of a scheduled curriculum.” We just prefer to call it fun.

Preschoolers have mastered their large motor skills. They can communicate with their parents and their peers. They can feed themselves. And they are learning basic life skills, like dressing themselves, and brushing their hair and teeth. To these little people, the world is theirs to enjoy, and they do-every minute of every hour.

They are also now ready to sit and learn new things. The Juniorversity curriculum encourages a preschooler’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development through a varied and interactive curriculum. We utilize manipulatives and art projects to encourage the development of fine motor skills (nothing develops pre-writing muscles like playing with play dough and cutting with blunt-edge scissors!). At recess, preschoolers learn to skip, jump rope and throw a ball. Together we sit and take turns so that they have the opportunity to fine-tune their social skills.

Studies have shown that children who grow up speaking one language have a hard time learning a second language when they go on to secondary school. As a result, we incorporate foreign languages as early exposure for our English-speaking students. We begin our early literacy program, introducing sound and letter recognition, counting, shape and color recognition, beginning phonics and beginning reading.

Academic success is directly tied to reading ability. We believe that early introduction of pre-reading programs help ensure that your child has a solid academic foundation as he or she enters kindergarten.

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